Flounder is a project that deals with our collective memory. Collective memory is the shared pool of knowledge and information in the memories of two or more members of a social group. A collective memory can be shared, passed on, and  constructed by large and small groups.  Collective memory parallels the memory of a person who is better at recalling images than words of the media and our behaviour around it. 

With this project I focussed on Bos and Lommer, a neighbourhood in Amsterdam which is known as one of the worst in the city.  I started living here two years ago with mixed feelings. This was mainly because the media only covers the negative aspects of this area. Such as shootings, robbery’s and other crime activity’s. A lot of people are afraid or don’t feel comfortable coming there, including myself.  I  always look over my shoulder when closing my door, I’m afraid to  walk alone in the streets at night and I have two locks on my door.  On the other hand, I’ve never actually experienced anything negative. During the day I like to walk around and hang in the neighbourhood. So on what is my fear actually based?

With this project, I want to make clear that what we gain through the media is very framed, and that our fears and (mis) conceptions are based on images and text that other people chose for us. With this project I played with the use and miss-use of the media and our behaviour around it.