Dutch Photographer
b. 1995, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My name is Bebe Blanco Agterberg. I am a visual storyteller. The projects I make are dealing with the relationship between politics, media and citizens. How these three opponents feed each other, need each other, but also have a constant power struggle.

My visual language is based on what I see in the media, specifically that what was manipulated.
I use artificial light in order to give a cinematic feeling to the work, which is very much based on emotions that tries to lure its audience into believing what is created in front of them.

The work deals with regions and people that are in a transitional state, for example a state that created a pact of silence in order cover up its violent past, a Soviet fictional spy that still has big influence on current day politics in Russia or one of the biggest student protest in Serbia, then part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1996/97 against Milosevic, a protest that wasn’t covered on the news because of censorship.

Besides working with personal projects, I am available for commissioned portraits and documentary assignments.


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