Land of the On Hold

A twilight zone is a situation or conceptual area that is characterized by being undefined, intermediate or mysterious.

At least 10 million people around the world are stateless. In 1961, the Netherlands signed the convention for reduction of statelessness. This covenant says amongst other things that everyone should have the right to a nationality.

Being stateless means that no country according to its legislation consider the people in question as its citizen. To determine your rights, you have to prove that your stateless by showing your documents. If you can’t prove that you are stateless you will have different rights. When this occurs, you have to wait until they can register you. This takes a long time and in the meantime, you won’t have any basic rights and are putt in limbo.
A space which is defined by insecurity, disappointed and endless waiting.

The twilight zone is about being stateless and not recognized for it. What does it do to someone when you don’t have access to an education, you can’t work, you can’t travel, you can’t open a bank account and you have no access to healthcare?

I’m interested in how this shapes our identity, belonging to nothing; to live in insecurity and to feel undefined.