The Hague is the rather quiet political capital of the Netherlands and Rewire is an international festival for adventurous music. Somehow you could presume that these two things would not go hand in hand. The venues varied as much as the audience, from churches, abandoned buildings, theatres, pop venues to political science students, corporate managers, journalists, art students and other music lovers. Together they made a passionate and diverse crowd who danced throughout the night. The atmosphere was pulsating. 

From experience, I guess we can agree 3am is a prime time to make friends. Therefore, we set up our cameras in a corner of the venue and picked out some individuals from the vibrant crowd. You can still see the sweat and the intensity of the music on their faces, some look serene, slowing down in front of the camera, suddenly still in circle of a motion. Shifting our gaze from the stage to the space belonging to the audience we discovered an intriguing introvert energy during this minute-long interludes.

// Still Standing //

Collaboration with:
Alexandra Baumgartner
Io Alexa Sivertsen

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