Reflexion 2.0 Masterclass

Inspired by Giorgia Fiorio's Reflexions Masterclass (2002 - 2012), Reflexions 2.0 is a laboratory issued from the world of photography and contiguous fields of visual arts. Established by Reflexions Alumni, R 2.0 aims to continue to function as a crucible of ideas, used to incubate the collective philosophies and hypotheses put forward by artist participants, through guidance and mentorship via a continuously rotating and dynamic panel of Masters across various disciplines.

Masterclass 1 October 2021

Hosted by Planches Contact Festival | Deauville
Invited Master | Teun Van Der Heijden, Philip Blenkinsop

Each meeting includes five days of seminar that are made up of two days of portfolio reviews and three days of institutional work (IW).
The IW is a collective photographic work concerning the hosting institution,
carried out during the consecutive days after the reviews.